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To join Tempe Tri Club or to renew your annual membership: ​

Step 1: Purchase membership by sending payment via Venmo to @tempetriclub ($62 individual)  

Step 2: Complete membership application & waiver by clicking here 

Step 3: Like our Facebook page & follow us on Instagram (@tempetriclub) to stay update with club events and workouts

Step 4: You're in! Excited to have you part of the team, see you at our weekly workouts & monthly club meeting! 



Tempe Tri Club is an amazing group of athletes from all different backgrounds and experience levels. The support is outstanding and I always feel myself being inspired to do more!



Landis is more than a team, it's a community. Everyone is really friendly and really cares about each other. We have amazing people who go above and beyond to make Landis a great team.



Tempe Tri Club has been inviting to me as a newcomer and I find you get what you put into it! Anthony is a great coach who will look out for you. 



I love being a part of the Tempe Tri Club club because I am new at the sport, and I have been able to get lots of support and training with none of the judgement!

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